ADVATX : The next frontier in laser rejuvenation

Trina Barr Interview with Ms. Trina Barr, a seasoned innovator and recognised expert in medical aesthetics, dedicating the last decade to advancing clinical outcomes and educating the market. How long have you had the ADVATx? Almost 2 years. My main motivators at the time were cost of ownership as well as the footprint. As a past owner of Cutera’s XLV and Candela’s V Beam, I felt the design of the ADVATx was more progressed and more in line with what I wanted to bring to my patients, what I call conscientious design. So, it was the elegance of the design, the quiet operation and the potential

Next-Generation ADVATx Platform Transcends Pulsed Dye Lasers

The multi-wavelength ADVATx platform from Advalight (Copenhagen, Denmark), provides outstanding results for vascular lesions without consumables or need for cooling via its 589 nm wavelength. And with the addition of the 1319 nm wavelength, ADVATx can treat a wide variety of common aesthetic indications safely and effectively, increasing versatility and ROI. “With a similar wavelength; no need for liquid dye for the laser; or cooling during treatment, ADVATx is the next-generation alternative to the pulsed dye laser,” explained dermatologist David J. Goldberg, M.D., J.D., medical director of Skin & Laser Surgery Specialists of NY & NJ